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MISSING: $10,000 Reward For Any Information Leading To The Finding Of 27 Year old, Michael Bryson

Big hearted, Michael Bryson, stopped at his parent’s house on Monday, August 3rd, 2020 in Harrisburg, Oregon. He informed them he would be going up to a week long party/camping trip with some friends at Hobo Campground near Dorena, Oregon. They didn’t realize that they would be speaking to their son for the last time.

Reports state that Bryson was for sure at the party on Monday and Tuesday. Friends state that Michael was called to the stage by the DJ to do a set. There were so many people at this party that it was actually considered a Rave. By the next morning, Michael Bryson disappeared.

Detective Richard Smith of The Lane County Sheriff’s Office states that at around 4 am that Wednesday, Michael wandered away from his group of friends in an unknown direction. Left behind was his camping gear, his phone powered off, and he has not accessed his bank account since.

With as many people that were at this Rave, somebody knows something. Michael’s father told Dateline, “He didn’t just disappear into thin air, we need to bring Michael home. Whatever the outcome is, a grieving family needs closure and people will rally around them to help them get that closure.”

A very detailed search including people, horses, drones, were deployed to the surrounding forested areas. Parents and friends are pretty suspicious of the friends he was hanging around that fateful evening.

Reports say that the stories from the party are inconsistent and that many of the people had left the area after Michael’s disappearance and continued with partying and more raves.

At this point, it’s been over a month and authorities till have no leads to go off of. The frustrating part for the family and friends is that at this party, nobody saw anything or heard anything.

For anyone who has any information on the disappearance of Michael Bryson, there is a $10,000 reward if it leads to finding him.

Michael battled substance abuse, but he loved to travel and went on missions trips to Africa. He loved music and aspired to be an electrician.

Michael is a human being just like you and just like me. Missing for over a month and no leads? Something needs to be done. We need to advocate and be his voice when he doesn’t have one right now. Let’s find Michael.

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