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$100,000 Reward Offered For Any Information Leading To The Finding Of Missing Christopher Abeyta

July 15, 1986, Colorado, Seven month old Christopher was taken from his crib in the deep evening hours. Taken away while his parents sleep just feet away.

The parents awoke to see their youngest son missing. Checking the home, they noticed their garage door opener was missing as well and the basement window was open. Authorities found no sign of forced entry. Although, they did find the front door unlocked.

Initially, his parents were suspects. They had been separated for some time, but that evening was the first evening the father had stayed back at home. Reports state that his mother failed two polygraph tests which she claimed were due to withdrawing from tranquilizers.

Although, the parents weren’t totally out of the woods yet as suspects, no suspects were found at that time. They searched the community and surrounding areas, no body or baby that fit Christopher’s description was found.

Family states for about six months before the child’s disappearance, they had received hang up phone calls. Surprisingly, the calls stopped once he vanished. They restarted about seven months later.

Sister of Christopher states she believes an ex lover of her father’s who has a history of break ins, stole her brother. Emma Bradshaw had an affair with the father of Christopher for some time. Then the night he returned home and slept in bed with his wife, his son comes up missing.

The police have not named Emma Bradshaw as a suspect in this case, but family and followers of the case believe she should be looked into. Bradshaw maintains her innocence even today, but she certainly has motive.

It states in 2015, Christopher’s sister interfered with Emma’s employment and sued the sister for $150,000. Top possible locations are New Mexico and Texas.

Above Picture: Emma Bradshaw

His mother has searched until her dying day back in 2017. Her heart grieved not knowing what happened to her youngest child, but the family maintains they believe he is alive and his guardian family does not know he’s been kidnapped some 30 years ago.

Before his mother’s death, she made a video for Christopher. If he was ever found or even out there in the world, that he would see the video of his pleading mother. His mother passed away never knowing where he may be or what happened that fateful evening.

Sadly, over the years, Colorado Springs Police had destroyed most of the case evidence and had given up in finding Christopher. So, now it’s left to the family.

His sister still searches for answers. His niece, whom he has never met, feels a connection with her uncle. They feel he is alive and it’s time for him to come home and be a part of their lives once again.

One evil person stole this small child. Stole any memories that were to be created. So, the question is, where is Christopher and where do we start to find him.

One thing we have now that 1986 didn’t, is social media. In this new generation we can figure out anything that needs to be.

A grieving mother died from cancer looking for her son. The family still searches. Somebody knows something. It’s time to find Christopher.

Watch his mother’s pleading video here.

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